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"Early Light" * "Flotilla" (with photographs) *

"Imaginary Postcards" (with graphics) * "Quesadilla Days" (with graphics) *

"Rice and Rain" (with photographs) * "Starfish" (with graphics) *

"Strict Instructions" (with photographs) * "Sunflowers" (with photographs) *

"The Cassandra Letters" * "The Small Boats of the Marina" *

"Winter Hours" (with photographs) * "Woman at the Aquarium" (with images) *

"Young Woman Peeling Apples (and Other Poems on Art)" *

 The above poetry books are 7" x 7".  Several titles are available in softcover at:

Rhoma Mostel's Book Store!

"Conversations With the Body" (6" x 9")  has recently been published and will be available shortly.