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"Dunes, Waves," 24" x 24," acrylic on canvas


A visual artist and a writer, Rhoma Mostel has worked in a variety of media over the years -- drawing, painting, collage, and works on paper. In painting, she generally works in a square format, and the sizes vary from 30" x 30" to the more recent series of 6" x 6" paintings. Whether the format is small or large, she is concerned primarily with the emotional content of a subject -- perhaps a landscape seen up close or at a distance, liminal places where land meets the sea, such as shorelines, estuaries, riverbanks, islands, or particular times of day such as dawn and twilight.  

She works for the most part in acrylic on canvas, generally in a series, though there is an extensive body of smaller works on paper, done with pencil and watercolor wash.

Rhoma Mostel is also the author of several artist's books on diverse subjects such as the artistic legacy of Coney Island ("Sand in My Shoes -- A Coney Island Journal"), the water, wind, prehistoric and archaic life along the Gaspé region of Québec ("Travels in Gaspésie"), "Harvest" (a partial photographic compendium of farm produce available in New York City greenmarkets during the fall season), and, most recently, "Red Umbrellas."

Art monographs of small paintings, Small Fields and Monolithos, were issued in 2014, and Safe Harbors in 2017.

In the past ten years she has also written and compiled chapbooks of poems, occasionally combining poetry with graphics or photographs.  These titles include "Early Light," 'Flotilla," "Imaginary Postcards," "Quesadilla Days," "Rice and Rain," "Starfish," "Strict Instructions," "Sunflowers," "The Cassandra Letters," "The Small Boats of the Marina," "Winter Hours," "Woman at the Aquarium," and most recently, "Young Woman Peeling Apples (and Other Poems on Art)."

She has recently completed a fairy tale for grown-ups, "The Tea-Cup Trilogy" as well as a collection of linked tales, "Brioche the Sparrow and Other Stories," and other works including "The Life of Tartine," "Princess Carciofi," and "Three Letters."  She is currently working on micro-stories ("Museum Hours") and a new collection of poems.